When you swallow any supplement, it is bathed in powerful digestive acids in the stomach for 2 to 4 hours. This destroys and degrades the nutrient value of any supplement formula by up to 95%. Then, the surviving formula nutrients move to the liver via what is know as the “portal vein”. The introduction of the digested drug or dietary supplement into the liver is known as the “First-Pass”. In the liver most drugs or dietary supplements are metabolized to the extent that only a small portion of the original oral dosage enters the bloodstream, thus reducing the bio-availability of the drug or dietary supplement taken orally. Compare that to the direct to bloodstream delivery of supplement nutrients via Transdermal Time-Release Patches where 100% of the formula is delivered directly into the bloodstream. Additionally, the time-release function of these patches also assures that the nutrients are delivered efficiently and that one’s system has plenty of time to utilize all of the nutrient value! This is why drugs or dietary supplements delivered directly to one’s bloodstream by patches or injection are so much more effective, as they completely bypass the liver! Click here to learn more about the supplements available via transdermal patch delivery.